955 Miles

If you asked me 5 years ago what my goals and aspirations were in life, I would say “traveling to third-world countries, embracing their culture and teaching English” or “freelance writer” with a long list of details and places I would live. Present me, tells others “Preschool teacher in Georgia with a sub-degree in Special Education.”

I was in a community college in NJ for two years taking 14 credits a semester, getting the straight A’s that I worked, well, pretty damn hard for. I worked hard because I wanted to achieve my goals of traveling, teaching and learning through the process. I thought,  Little did I know how far from it actually was.

After my two years, I moved to a wonderful state called Georgia to pursue a Bachelors degree in Childhood Education. Everyone likes a fresh start and this was my chance. I have had the greatest support on Earth; my family, my friends and even strangers. Again, I am en route to my career.

On the downside, I’m not sure if this is for me; the whole teaching career. I’ve had so much experience already in this field and I do not want to throw it all away. How many 20 year olds can say they are doing exactly what they want; moving away, getting an A+ education, gaining professional connections and relationships? What percentage would go back in time to change that?

This is where my route makes its first stop. I wish I had chosen a career where I can travel and learn simultaneously and maybe even write more. Looks like I’ve taken 955 miles forward into my goal, 955 light years backwards into my old one. Could it be I’m meant to travel and write? I’ll see where my college experience takes me. I believe it is all in God’s plan.